Air Canada Premium Economy-3

On a recent flight from Miami to Toronto, we were upgraded to Premium Economy on Air Canada’s Boeing 798-8 from Miami to Toronto. This was our first Air Canada flight in Premium Economy class.

Air Canada Premium Economy-3

There are 21 Premium Economy seats on this aircraft in a 2/3/2 configuration. First off, it’s a big convenience having seats closer to the front, especially with a connecting flight.

Air Canada Premium Economy-4

Air Canada Premium Economy-2

Priority check-in, boarding and baggage handling (two free checked bags) are also included in the Premium Economy fare. A complimentary earbud headset is provided for watching films or enjoying music and games on the 28 cm (11 in) screen.

Air Canada Premium Economy

Each seat has a dedicated USB charging port and in-seat power, but the best part is that spacious seat, footrest and extra recline!

Air Canada Premium Economy-5

This cabin class option is ideal for those not able to afford business class yet wanting some extra space and comfort.

Air Canada Premium Economy-2

Beverage service and a hot meal are served shortly after take-off (same as in Business class but with less entree and drink choices).

Air Canada Premium Economy
[Heritage Mix Salad, Chicken Tagine, Carrot Cake]

We also received access to the Maple Leaf Domestic Lounge, with several seating options and counters, ahead of our flight from Vancouver to Toronto. The lounge serves breakfast until 10 am then moves to a lunch menu.

Air Canada Premium Economy-9

We caught the tail end of breakfast, so we were able to experience the start of lunch before boarding our flight.

Air Canada Premium Economy-8

Roasted Sweet Potato Salad, Mediterranean Artichoke Salad, Veggie Quinoa Pilaf, Lemon Pepper Salmon, Autumn Butternut Squash soup, Creamy Chicken Penne, veggies, hummus, chips, cookies and brownies rounded out the lunch choices on the day of our visit.

Air Canada Premium Economy-7

Floor to ceiling views offer a relaxing experience while awaiting your flight.

Air Canada Premium Economy-10

Wine and beer service begins at 11 am (while we were there, a selection of coffees, fruit sodas, cola and water were on offer).

Air Canada Premium Economy-6
[Maple Leaf Lounge Business Centre]

The Maple Leaf Lounge also includes access to thousands of newspapers and magazines (via the PressReader app).

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