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The first thing we notice as we remove the ABUS BORDO BIG 6000 lock out of the box is its weight – 1.4kg/3.13 lbs. – a heftier cousin to standard cable locks.

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The BORDO BIG 6000 is based on the classic 6000, with six 5mm steel bars that connect with sturdy rivets; the cylinder provides a high level of protection against picking.

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German-made ABUS locks have garnered a world-class reputation for high-quality, sturdy and secure locks for both bikes and motorbikes.

Since 1924, their collection has expanded to include bike, combination and alarm-system locks of all shapes and sizes, as well as boat, ATV and snowmobile locks. The ABUS name is an acronym formed from the company’s original name, August Bremicker und Söhne.

ABUS folding lock
[What’s in the box]

The high-security BORDO BIG 6000 comes with a unique key code that can be custom ordered to work with other ABUS locks as well as e-cycle batteries.

ABUS Code Card

This makes it super convenient as one key will work with all of your ABUS locks.

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At 120 cm in length when unfolded, the ABUS BORDO BIG 6000 measures 19.9 cm (7.8”) x 7.5 cm (3”) and can lock one or several bikes together due to its extra length vs. the regular 6000.

The bars and body are made of specially-hardened steel with a two-component coating to prevent damage to your bike’s paintwork. The lock also comes with a lock carrier that can be mounted with two straps (also included).

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For a more permanent mount, the built-in side straps can be removed with a small X-acto knife and the carrier can then be screwed into the standard holes on your bike’s front frame.

Once the frame is mounted, the top of the frame lifts via a safety latch to access the lock. Opening the lock is done by inserting the key, then releasing the bars first, then pulling the lock apart from the top. Putting the lock back together is a breeze; the steel bars fold in a zig-zag style to fit back into the lock holder without the need to apply any additional force.

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The BORDO BIG 6000 is a durable and flexible option for peace of mind when locking your bike in medium-to-high risk areas. If you’re looking for a lighter version of this classic folding lock, ABUS offers the BORDO Lite 6055C, weighing in at 440 g (just under 1 lb.).

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The BORDO BIG 6000 comes in black, white and red and retails for CAD $209.99/USD $159.99. Visit ABUS online to view the entire range of locks to suit your needs and to find a local retailer.

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