True Love Lies cast photo

Last night, I attended the opening of Brad Fraser’s modern family play, True Love Lies, now playing at The Cultch through October 1.

The play is set in the modern day world, where a dysfunctional laptop and cell phone-toting family of four work their way through the play, making good use of a colourful, eclectic set.

“Who is David McMillan?” It was a long time ago…”

Kane (father), played by Greg Armstrong-Morris, has a secret that eventually draws in the entire family. True Love Lies is a hilarious two act play loaded with sitcom energy and music bites between the sharp-witted scenes, complementing its tempo.

True Love Lies cast

Without giving away too much of the plot, let’s just say that many of today’s issues are confronted.

Scenes revolve almost instantaneously between two major locations: the family home and David’s restaurant. By the end of the first act, you’ve come to know all five actors pretty well.

You’ll find lots of action in this tale of split lives and coming to grips with a marriage that’s run its course. In the first act, I felt as though Royce (the son, played by Anton Lipovetsky) might steal the show, but later in the play, Andrew McIlroy’s David actually got my attention. The play’s a breeze to follow and I highly recommend it for the fun you’ll have while watching it.

I don’t want to leave out the two female characters, Madison (Lara Gilchrist) and Carolyn (Katharine Venour), who also add dimension to the production. Madison is a pretty young thing just starting out in the world while her mother Carolyn grapples with (and eventually accepts) her own life-changing scenario.

Photos by Emily Cooper.

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