Jenny Lopez, Jeremy Renner

While I don’t often report on pop culture, there are two events that happened this week that I just can’t get out of my head.

Number One: On opening the Golden Globes award envelope for Actor in a TV Miniseries or Movie.

“You want me to do it?” Jennifer Lopez asked.
“I’ve got the nails.”
“Yeah, you’ve got the globes too,” Jeremy Renner replied.

That off-the-cuff remark has gained traction but jeez, people, get over it. If you’re going to dress with your glorious chest half exposed for the world to see, expect jokes. Jeremy meant it in good fun, and I love this actor, Lopez not so much. Either way, after having heard the joke, my husband and me knew that it’d likely get more airtime than necessary, and voilà, backlash.

JImmy Fallon and friends
[JImmy Fallon and friends]

Number Two: Jimmy Fallon and his animal-handling guest on Monday evening’s show. What on Earth gives Jeff Musial the right to place Mexican white and red-kneed tarantulas on someone’s head and shoulders? Seriously, I too would freak out. The fear factor isn’t worth the nightmares poor Jimmy’s likely going to face for weeks to come.

Manning up isn’t the acceptable response here. These spiders are truly creepy and with all due respect to the animal-handling industry, deserve to be left alone in their dark, quiet corners to live their lives without disruption. Though some would argue my case, I’d hardly compare it to a roller-coaster ride. This will likely be Musial’s first and last appearance on Fallon, so hopefully you arachnid lovers out there enjoyed the freak-out fest.

And now back to our regularly scheduled blog.

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