2013 Virgin 953 Fake Film Festival/Entrance Oscar 2013 Virgin 953 Fake Film Festival-4

As a fun alternative to the Oscar Awards, Virgin 95.3 FM throws an awards shindig of its own: the Fake Film Festival.

Popcorn, anyone? At the VIP Lounge
[Popcorn, anyone? At the VIP Lounge]

Last Saturday night saw a full house at Venue on Granville for the weekend’s ‘other’ most talked-about event on social media.

2013 Virgin 953 Fake Film Festival-2

2013 marks the third year that amateur film makers have submitted their 60-second version of a Hollywood film for a chance at $10,000 cash, not to mention a cool trophy handed out by Virgin Radio DJs Drew Savage and Natalie Hunter of Breakfast with Nat and Drew.

Giving out the Fake Film Festival Awards: DJs Nat and Drew Best Actor from Forrest Gump wins a Fake Film Festival trophy
[Nat and Drew giving out a Fake Film Award to Best Actor Scott Fidyk in Forrest Gump]

Tickets were by invite only or through the radio station’s contest.

2013 Virgin 953 Fake Film Festival-5 Nightmare Before Xmas

The most fun part of the evening of course was checking out all the costumes.

Those are some pretty Fancy (Edward) Scissorhands

And the envelope, please:

Best Actress: Gigi Guerrero, Wreck it Ralph
Best Picture: Wreck it Ralph
Best Actor: Scott Fidyk, Forrest Gump
People’s Choice: Ryan Steele, Pitch Perfect

I had to miss Shawn Desman due to another event, but did get to check out Anjulie.

2013 Virgin 953 Fake Film Festival/Anjulie rocks the crowd 2013 Virgin 953 Fake Film Festival/Anjulie rocks the crowd

Here’s a round-up of the event in photos. More can be found in my Flickr set.

Firebird Live Art painting the Fake Film Festival Gala scene
[Firebird Live Art: Painting the Fake Film Festival Gala]

A big thanks to Virgin 95.3 for giving me VIP Lounge access for the evening.

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