1600 Pandas World Tour Vancouver

After being showcased around the world at over 100 exhibits, 1600 Pandas+ World Tour, an art installation consisting of 888 papier-mâché pandas by French artist Paulo Grangeon, is making its first North American appearance at Metropolis at Metrotown’s Grand Court from July 10 to August 8. Grangeon will be present for the official opening at 10 am.

Metropolis at Metrotown, consulting curator AllRightsReserved Ltd. and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Canada have partnered to present the exhibit in Canada to raise awareness of wildlife conservation, pandas and sustainability.

1600 Pandas World Tour Vancouver

Proceeds from this exhibit will be donated to WWF Canada to fund wildlife conservation research and education.

Keep an eye out for a series of Panda Flash Mobs around Vancouver during the week of July 2nd, ahead of the exhibit’s opening. Check out the exhibition’s Facebook page and Metropolis at Metrotown’s social media accounts for details.

Hint: Head down to the Olympic cauldron at Jack Poole Plaza on July 5!

1600 Pandas World Tour Vancouver

Visitors who would like to adopt a papier-mâché panda can pre-register at the exhibit by donating to WWF Canada and will be able to pick up their panda after the exhibit concludes. Panda adoption is only available in person at the exhibit.

Get social! Use exhibit hashtag #1600Pandas+CA for a chance to win a weekly panda prize pack including panda swag plus a $50 Metropolis gift card.

About 1600 Pandas World Tour

The 1600 Pandas World Tour was first launched in 2008 by the WWF and acclaimed French artist Paulo Grangeon, who handcrafted 1,600 papier-mâché pandas— the number of living pandas left in the wild at that time — with recycled materials. The updated exhibit title, “1600 Pandas+”, refers not only to the 17% increase in the population of wild giant pandas to over 1,800 in the past decade, but also to increased public awareness of panda conservation, a symbolic reminder of wildlife sustainability.

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