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At long last, British Columbia has a MUJI. What’s a MUJI, you might ask? The Japanese-based brand has a fiercely loyal following with 250 stores across the globe represented in 28 countries.

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One day ahead of the official public opening, spectators were outside with smart phones and cameras in hand, peeking inside the gates to get a glimpse of the store that’s stolen their hearts in other lands (the first-ever Canadian MUJI to open was in Toronto).

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This store’s got its East coast cousin beat in size (7,770 square feet) and amount of goods (4,000).

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Worth the wait? You can now find out for yourself. There’s a lot to take in, but everything’s well organized and fully stocked as of this writing.

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Founded in Japan in 1980, the company sells what they call “no-brand quality goods”, containing collections of household items, clothes, makeup accessories, essential oils, sweets, stationery, storage boxes and a variety of other useful products.

Opening remarks by MUJI Canada president Toru Akita
[Opening remarks by MUJI Canada president Toru Akita]

MUJI Canada president Toru Akita welcomed the packed room of media and invited guests. To all BC customers: an apology for having to wait so long.

Derek Corrigan, Asako Okai, Metropolis executive, Satoru Matsuzaki, Toru Akita
[Ms. Asako Okai, Consul General of Japan]

“Thank you for your patience”, added Akita, and soon an enormous barrel of sake was tapped to commemorate the opening, symbolizing a blessing of health, prosperity and happiness.

[Sake barrel tapping]

Also present for the media opening was Satoru Matsuzaki, president of MUJI’s parent company, Ryohin Keikaku; Ms. Asako Okai, Consul General of Japan; Hon. Bruce Ralston, Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology; Derek Corrigan, Mayor of Burnaby and a Metropolis at Metrotown executive.

MUJI Canada live calligraphy painting MUJI Canada media opening-20 MUJI Canada media opening-21

We were also treated to a live shodo (calligraphy) painting session and a cha-do tea ceremony before setting loose in the store to shop.

MUJI Canada media opening-13
[Sake sampling time!]

MUJI’s products lack branding, so that they may be easily integrated into everyone’s lifestyle.

MUJI Canada media opening-7

Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan is pleased to see that Ryohin Keikaku chose Metropolis at Metrotown, BC’s largest mall, ahead of Vancouver.

MUJI Canada media opening-3

This is only the beginning of MUJI’s store presence in Western Canada. A Robson store is set to open in the former Gap/Gap Kids space with 30,000 square feet of MUJI goods.

MUJI Canada media opening-6 MUJI Canada media opening-5 MUJI Canada media opening-4 MUJI Canada media opening-2 MUJI Canada media opening-8

Here’s a few more shots of what you can expect to find here. Visit MUJI Canada online for more info.

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