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Vancouver-based visual effects and animation studio GFZ Group has introduced a new mobile adventure game to iTunes that is not only fun and wildly addictive but also supports the anti-animal cruelty cause. The game was designed to entertain and educate the younger audience on animal testing. Hamstrong is an explosive action-packed iPhone game where you play as a hamster trapped in a high-tech animal testing laboratory.

Not one to sit idly by, Hamstrong is determined to fight back and escape! The player gets to run, roll, jump, and eat as many peanuts as possible while kicking the scientists’ robotic cockroach minions out of the way. The game includes eight different environments, each with their own obstacles. The entire lab is booby-trapped and filled with obstructions such as flame torches, electrical equipment, and acid drips that make Hamstrong’s escape mission difficult.

GFZ is also the team behind the recently-launched Fly Over Canada, an interactive flying experience that we featured a few months back.

Geoffery Anthony, president of GFZ Group, says, “After working for years in the movies and entertainment industry, I understand just how powerful digital media is at spreading a message. I wanted our studio to create a game about animal cruelty that would not only entertain, but also provide educational value. Through adventure, humour, and education, our goal is to get people aware and talking about this important issue.”

Hamstrong screen shot

The action-packed iPhone game features easy and intuitive gameplay and makes full use of the motion sensor. The cute yet sophisticated graphics are a definite hit with the younger audience. Two months after its release date, Hamstrong already has 14,000 fans on Facebook, drawn to the game’s social cause message.

Now that the game is complete, GFZ Group hopes to expand the Hamstrong brand into a 12-episode animation series. The series will not only raise awareness about animal cruelty, but half of any generated revenues (from Hamstrong merchandise and other products) will go to anti-animal cruelty organizations. GFZ Group is currently developing a crowd-funding campaign to make the animation series possible.    

The Hamstrong game is available for free on iTunes.

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