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  • Aug23


    current band shot

    When I first heard that DEVO were going to perform at Live at Squamish last year, I got pretty excited! This band, after all, has been around since the mid 70’s, founded by Gerald Casale in Akron, Ohio. Imagine my ecstatic state when finding out that they’ll be returning to Vancouver with their own show at the Vogue Theatre on Sunday, September 18!

    Mark Mothersbaugh

    They positively rocked that festival, giving fans old and new a jolt of what they’ve been doing for over 30 years: creating innovative electronic music that’s always been ahead of the curve.

    Bob Mothersbaugh

    For long-time fans that didn’t make it out to either Live at Squamish or to the Olympic victory celebration in Whistler, this is a chance to see DEVO as you remember them. Given the fact that all but (relatively) new drummer Josh Freese are over 60 in age, they don’t perform that often these days. The band is hitting the road de-evolutionary style, in support of their latest album (yes, a DEVO album after all this time!), ‘Something For Everybody‘.

    They’re hard to categorize, but New Wave post punk might be a step in the right direction…or not. You decide.

    Tickets are now on sale but I’ve got a pair for the Vancouver show for a lucky reader to win right here. AND, The Pointed Sticks have just been added to the show!

    Bob Mothersbaugh and Booji Boy

    For a chance to win these tickets, leave a comment below. It can be your fave DEVO tune or album of all time, or something about the band that inspires you.

    I’ll randomly draw a winner on Wednesday, September 14 at 4 pm.

    Devo is Los Angeles based and comprise Gerald and Bob Casale, Mark and Bob Mothersbaugh, and Josh Freese. Gerald Casale is credited as group founder in Akron, Ohio, 1973.

  • Sep6


    Devo ticket 1980 tour

    Having grown up in Los Angeles during DEVO’S early days, I was anxious to see what their show would offer 30 years down the road. I still recall their forward-thinking outfits and stage antics when I saw them live in 1980.

    At the time, they were promoting their third album, Freedom of Choice. The energy dome hats the band wore were fire-engine red, however it was their first MTV video, Jocko Homo, that shook my world. This video was so ahead of its time!

    If you were a teenager living off of the late 70’s rock stream, Devo came onto the scene in a slightly frightening manner. The Jocko Homo video featured Booji Boy, a character who appeared from time to time taking on the persona of a small boy — a freakish boy with an odd face mask. Thinking back to that time, I can’t emphasize enough how much of an impact that early video had on me. Bands such as the Talking Heads and the B-52’s were just beginning to flourish, and Devo helped to pave the way for them and other bands to enjoy parallel success.
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