Black Glass Woven Chain Bracelet

There are many jewellery designers in and around Vancouver, but one who’s work that I’ve become a fan of is ecocessories. Sustainably produced, recycled jewellery is a wonderfully unique way of owning a piece of someone else’s once-loved bling.

Morning Pearl Layered Bracelet

I met owner Jessica Hill a couple of years ago during Denman Street’s car-free days, and didn’t leave her table empty-handed. With a humble beginning in a North Vancouver home studio, her pieces quickly found their way to Portobello West Market and later to small boutiques.

Photo of Jessica

The wooden bead and silver earrings that I purchased are rarely left in my jewellery box. She moved back to Toronto, so I look for her latest accessories online. Jessica’s jewellery is also sold in shops across Canada.

Earring collection

In 2010, her style caught the eye of the Leo Awards team, who included her pieces in the celebrity goodie bags. Her work was also a hit at both the 2010 Vancouver EPIC Expo and Eco Fashion Week.

Spring brooch collection

Her Spring collection features vintage reworked brooches. I really love the curvy, hand-forged silver components used in her work.

Caymen Island Fringe necklace

The ecocessories recycling program is simple: fill out an online form and receive a prepaid envelope in the mail. Fill the envelope with old/broken jewellery, beads and findings, send it back and order a new eco-friendly creation with a $15 gift certificate towards your purchase.

Jewellery production

A note on the sustainable feathers used in Jessica’s work:
Feathers have been sustainably sourced from organically raised, Canadian heritage birds, bred on a farm in Central Ontario. The feathers have been either collected from the barn and cleaned up, or reclaimed from birds that have naturally passed. Throughout their life the birds have been bathed, fed, and treated using 100% natural processes, so no chemicals have ever touched these feathers.

Feather earring collection

Reusing these feathers in ecocessories’ jewelry designs means the feathers get a new life after their original one. In addition, proceeds from the feathers are used towards purchasing new eggs for the farm, making the process of sourcing these feathers an entirely closed loop cycle.

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