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Last week, I experienced my first Chakra stone massage at Granville Island’s Calixica Holistic Spa Boutique. Located in a quiet spot nestled in between shops (close to the Sandbar Restaurant), the spa has a tranquil atmosphere and very helpful staff on hand to recommend just the right treatment.

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They’re committed to making the spa as green as possible, utilizing soy candles, natural fibre blankets, organic cotton for cleansing, as well as natural products for treatments.

Calixica aims to restore, rejuvenate, and add vitality to your skin, senses, and general well-being. And with that, I arranged to have one of their signature treatments, a Rose Bliss Chakra Stone Massage. This massage is offered for either 60 ($125) or 90 minutes ($155) and falls under the spa’s Beyond the Body menu of massages. Prices exclude HST.

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Beyond the Body services use an alignment-based approach to holistic massage techniques. Practitioners work with natural intuition focusing on touch, and are trained to help support the body’s integrity in promoting and balancing a structural, emotional, and spiritual alignment. Chakra stone massage has Eastern roots originating from both China and India.

The treatment is described as “experiencing chakra energy balancing complimented with a back, neck, and shoulder massage. Feel the warmth of gem stones infused with Isun Organic Chakra Oils which will harmonize and balance your physical and subtle bodies. Our signature treatment will leave you in a state of body bliss and beyond”.

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Once I’d entered the calm, soothingly lit room, I knew I was in for a treat. Prior to the massage, I smelled the range of ISUN gemstone massage oils that Katherine, my practitioner, would be using to correlate with the gemstones. A brief Namaste greeting and hand massage in the spa’s main space helped set the tone for the rest of my visit.

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Soothing, quiet music played while candles burned in the low-lit comfortable space. Katherine was able to personalize my massage via a brief consultation regarding my overall health, helping to target certain areas prone to tightness and occasional pain.

My entire body was treated to a wonderful massage that at no point was either too deep or light. I was frequently asked whether the amount of pressure was to my liking.

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[Photo provided by Calixica Spa]

Both the aromatic oils and hot stones work the body’s energy fields, helping to clear and balance the chakras to promote circulation. Though each side of my body responded differently, I felt a deep sense of relaxation and peace during and after the massage.

It was hard to get up to face the rest of my day, though I did so in a relaxed state (both physically and mentally), and my skin felt soft and smooth as well.

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[Chocolate and rose tea follow the Rose Bliss Gemstone massage experience]

Not just a spa boutique, Calixica offers a range of holistic health options including registered holistic nutritional counselling, certified counselling and coaching, and energy balancing sessions. The spa’s ISUN and Benedetta (both organic) skincare lines are used for facials (for both men and women), reflexology and head massage, plus an introduction to organic skincare session.

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As a special offer to my readers, Calixica is extending the Rose Bliss Chakra Balancing Massage promo pricing through June 30, 2012. A one hour treatment (normally $125) is now $95 (not including HST). As well, at time of booking, you can choose an additional full-priced service at 20% off.

Calixica Holistic Spa Boutique is located at 109-1535 Johnston Street on Granville Island in Vancouver. They’re open Monday to Friday, 11 am to 6 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. Visit their website for detailed treatments, pricing, and products.

Disclosure note: My Rose Bliss Chakra Massage was compliments of Calixica Holistic Spa Boutique, for the purposes of both experiencing the spa and writing this feature: cmply.2

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